Business Overview


From the perspective of both small and medium-sized enterprises and international workers including international students, we provide information and opportunitie to ehance their relation of mutual understanding and mutual trust for interaction with the aim of improving the employment rate and retention rate of international workers in Japan, including international students, and provide support that helps companies employ international workers.


TOKYO しごと GUIDE-for foreign nationals-project * GAKUJO Co.,Ltd. has been appointed as the Secretariat of this project by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Job-hunting seminars for international workers

For international workers who want to find a job in Japan, we provide practical information on job hunting rules and business etiquette in Japan.

Exchange meetings with seniors

We hold exchange meetings as opportunities where international workers can receive advice based on the information and experiences necessary for finding employment at small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan.


Through internships, we help to deepen mutual understanding of differences in cultures and values, and improve work communication in order to prevent problems after hiring.

Job Fairs

These provide opportunities for foreign nationals who want to find a job or change jobs in Japan to meet suitable Japanese companies.

Support desk

We are ready to respond to your questions related to employment including holding general recruitment activities and practice interviews.

Seminars for educational institutions

For educational institution staff, we provide information and employment support measures for international students.